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The Cetie is a membership based widely recognized mainly European inter-professional organization of industry experts (users and producers) to produce technical reference documentation – pre-standards and best practice guides – to achieve quality standards in the bottling industry. Cetie pre-standards and best practice guides are dedicated to the bottling of food liquids and beverages, cosmetic and perfumes as well as pharmaceutical products.

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Latest publications
18/08/2016 - Update 07/11/2017
Scope This data sheet identifies and proposes standard terms to describe different features of plastic screw caps and provides the nomenclature of the main characteristic dimensions. Main types of seal and tamper evident features are also described. The document covers flat top screw caps both ...
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GME30.31 - PET FINISH 32/26-15.2-2/5.4
01/01/2016 - Update 30/10/2017
Scope This document provides specifications and dimensions of the 32 mm amorphous screw finish with two (2) thread starts for still waters and non-carbonated beverages (the internal pressure should not exceed 1 bar). This finish can be used for hot filling with a maximum temperature up to ...
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12/03/2015 - Update 26/10/2017
Scope This data sheet provides recommendations for the application of self-adhesive labels on glass bottles. It covers specifications of supplies and conditions of application. For further information on pressure sensitive labels and their application, see Cetie guide G0C “Pressure ...
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01/01/1998 - Update 06/09/2017
Scope This data sheet gives guidance on the relationship between the internal pressure strength standards used for process control at the point of manufacture and the pressure strength standards applicable at the point of receipt of the bottles by the bottler and in the case of refillable ...
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10/02/2016 - Update 28/07/2017
Scope This data sheet identifies the different parts of PET neck finishes and defines a standard nomenclature for the main dimensions according to that proposed by ISBT and consistent with the standard EN 16063. It also defines a standard format for naming Cetie PET finish specifications.
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GME30.39 - PET FINISH 25/22-9-3 (Experimental)
11/01/2016 - Update 28/07/2017
Scope Specifications and dimensions of the 25 mm screw finish with three (3) thread starts for flat waters and non carbonated beverages in small package sizes with up to 1.5l volume. This finish can be used for aseptic filling and filling with introduction of nitrogen (internal overpressure ...
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11/02/2017 - Update 06/09/2017
Scope This document identifies the principal defects which may occur with "Roll-On Pilfer-Proof" aluminium screw type closures and outlines methodology to orient corrective action. It applies to all different ROPP types for both still and pressurized liquids, with and without redraw, ...
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20/06/2016 - Update 03/04/2017
Scope This data sheet gives specifications for the 26 millimetres intermediate depth crown cap, lined with a plastic gasket and designed to seal bottles conforming typically but not exclusively to ISO 12821 and ISO 12822 standards for pry-off and Cetie GME 14.01 & GME 14.02 for twist-off. ...
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GME30.28 - PET FINISH 26/22-12-3/6.5
01/09/2011 - Update 30/11/2016
Scope Specifications and dimensions of the 26 mm screw finish with three (3) thread starts for flat waters and non-carbonated beverages.  This finish can be used for water with or without introduction of nitrogen (internal Overpressure should not exceed 1 bar).  The dimension ...
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GME32.04 - PET PCO FINISH 28/22-17-1/2.7
01/03/2009 - Update 27/04/2017
Scope Specifications and dimensions of the single start thread lightweight 28 mm PET PCO screw finish for the beverage industry. This finish has vent slots and is designed to take a tamper evident plastic closure only. During first opening, the tamper evident band will separate from the closure ...
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Latest news
26/10/2017 - Update 17/11/2017
Cetie General Secretary Mr Nicholas Harris,  will participate to the PLASTIC CAPS AND CLOSURES 2017 CONFERENCE on the 8th of november. The two days meetings will be held at HOTEL NOVOTEL AMSTERDAM CITY, on November, the 7th & 8th 2017. See the programme here ...
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New Cetie working group dedicated to the creation of the first Bartop stoppers guidelines
13/10/2017 - Update 13/10/2017
Guide N°14
Mr Crisóstomo Joaquim RIBEIRO FERREIRA  Product Manager at Amorim & Irmãos SA will lead the new Cetie working group dedicated to the creation of the first Bartop stoppers guidelines: New meeting dates: 14/12/2017 – 10h00-17h00 09/03/2018 – 10h00-17h00 At ...
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BUNDESVERBAND GLASINDUSTRIE E.V. invites Cetie glass manufacturers plenary's participants
01/10/2017 - Update 13/10/2017
Glass plenary
BUNDESVERBAND GLASINDUSTRIE E.V. (Federal Association of the German Glass Industry) represented by Mr Stefan Mieth kindly invites Cetie working groups Glass manufacturers plenary meeting in Leipzig, October, 28 & 29 October 2017 Participants : Mr Dany Belouet from GLASHÜTTE FREITAL ...
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Creation of a new working group : PET Personal/Home Care
11/09/2017 - Update 14/09/2017
PET Personal / Home care
Launching of this new working group with an initial meeting to be planned before the end of 2017. Its aim will be to create industry-wide standards 18mm and/or 22mm snap-on PET neck finish for the Personal Care market, and/or a 38mm to 44mm screw-on neck finish for the Home Care market. For ...
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The useful art of compromise
07/09/2017 - Update 13/09/2017
The Association
When we explain to people what we do at Cetie, there is frequently a moment of astonishment. That such a mundane, everyday object as a bottle or a jar should generate so much joint work and reflection, motivating experts from all over Europe to meet in our Paris premises, is beyond the ...
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17/07/2017 - Update 17/07/2017
Pet plenary
We are pleased to announce our new member HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH: As a brand new member HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GmbH will start to participate to PET and plastic closures working groups. (see meeting calendar)
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Launch of a new working group
01/06/2017 - Update 06/06/2017
Guide N°14
On request from the cork manufacturers and their respective federations, members of the Cetie, a working group dedicated to “bar top closures” is being created.     The aim of this group will be to set up reference technical documentation specifically dedicated to bottling ...
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Cetie and Wine(s)
01/01/2017 - Update 06/06/2017
Guide n° 3
While the Cetie may have been founded at the start of the 1960s to solve the problems caused by the bottling of beer with a crown cap at increasingly high rates, the bottling of wine has since become one of its main fields of activity. The world of wine can be characterised by the number and ...
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Glass Manufacturers Plenary Meeting in Portugal
22/09/2016 - Update 09/11/2016
Glass plenary
The Annual Glass Manufacturers plenary meeting has been held this year in Portugal, on the kind invitation of BA Vidro. From the 22 until the 23, the different Glass working groups of Cetie reviewed all work items in progress at Cetie: Glass 1+4 Field of activity : Legislation and jars ...
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Cetie PET Working Groups Invited to Husky
01/09/2016 - Update 04/11/2016
Pet plenary
The European dynamism for the development of PET bottle closures means that Cetie has become an experts' forum The closure of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles is an area that necessarily involves numerous players: producers of preforms and moulds, closure manufacturers, ...
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